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I know its still cold out and people are not in the summer mind set yet, but if you are like many and have a goal to add a backyard kitchen and bar area to your back yard living, now is the time to start planning

so it is ready for summer!

Backyard kitchens and bar areas are growing in popularity at a high rate. So popular that the latest Interior Design Convention we attended in the fall, had a dedicated seminar just on this subject!

The way the kitchens and bar areas are being designed not only allows for some fresh air enjoyment, but it extends your indoor space and provides an additional place to entertain. Indoor kitchens are where everyone usually ends up when entertaining, so there is a good chance that the same will be said for

your outdoor Kitchen.

There are so many new products that have come to the market making outdoor kitchens more comfortable and versatile. Outdoor grills are your most popular outdoor appliance, but they are now becoming just part of your luxurious items available.

Refrigerators and wine coolers, storage drawers, side burners, pizza ovens and sinks limit the need to spend time going back and forth from the house. Of course, a cool bar for the guests to hang out while the host has an environment to enjoying cooking enables the host to also be part of the action. Pizza ovens are the new craze and people are starting to view them as a necessity to their outdoor Kitchens. Not far behind in popularity are gas smokers adding an additional unique cooking experience.

For the longest time, this task of designing your Kitchen outdoors would be left to the Landscape Architects. The industry was finding that because kitchens were not their expertise, it resulted in functionality and design of the outdoor kitchen was something to be desired. The problem was, in the past, Interior Designers did not design past the patio door. Luckily times have changed, the new demand for an outdoor kitchen is now to be as functional and almost as equipped as your indoor Kitchen. As a result, Interior designers have now passed the threshold for design and when necessary,

work with the landscape Architects, to complete an overhaul design of a backyard.

Interior designers bring their expertise of indoor kitchens to the outdoors, taking into consideration, space, functionality, and design to be as detailed as the client wishes, from outdoor TVS, lighting, roof or overhead structures, and materials all the while complimenting your home design.

If you are one of the many that have an outdoor kitchen on your list of wants, we would love to be part of turning your dream into a reality! Contact us today!

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