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THE CHANGE IN INTERIOR DESIGN: The increased importance of an interior designer

COVID 19 allowed homeowners to slow down and reflect on their surroundings. People have had the time to assess their interior spaces, as a result wanting to improve the style and better use of their space.

People more than ever are turning to designers to make their homes a reflection of their personal style and lifestyle. Homeowners are looking to upgrade their spaces in several fronts wanting a design unique to them. As Interior designers it is our responsibility to have a more personalized process to each individual client. With our rolodex of resources, we can achieve this more personalized style not available in your box stores. Sourcing unique furniture, textiles, area rugs, lighting, accents etc. enables your personal style to shine through while respecting our client’s budget, from average to luxury pricing and quality.

Clients’ homes should be tailored to their personal needs and lifestyle which creates a happier and more efficient home they want to spend time in.

The future of interior design is a blend of clean lines, with warmer textures and patterns.

Colour trends are your earth tones. It is very much acceptable to mix greys, browns, tans, and soft whites. For added depth add black, deep grey or even a dark green. All playing a role in the “neutral” category.

In every design, it's important to add the unexpected pop. Emerging, which began in Europe, are a lot of bright colour pops in the sea of neutral palettes.

Construction level design will continue to grow with the demand and wait times for contractors and finishing carpenters. Anyone who has tried to hire a contractor for any type of project knows it is a near impossible task.

When you have your design complete with an interior designer (from designing built-ins, your selection of windows and doors, to your layout, material and finishes for your kitchens and bathrooms, design and construction drawings complete and ready to go, to window and floor coverings, you’re lighting and colour palette chosen, etc.) You will have a greater chance to have your project time slotted no matter how large or small the project is.

With all the above determined, your contractor can easily bid on your project, complete your project with ease knowing they can eliminate delays because their clients can’t decide on colour, type of sink etc. In this busy time, Contractors want to be in and out and on the next project as efficiently as possible.

As pricing for materials and labour have increased, Vision and expertise are even more important that ever to avoid costly mistakes and leverage trusted vendors. Completing your project right the first time will save your finances and have you enjoying your new space for years to come.


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