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Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of working with an Interior Designer? Many

people are concerned with the cost and process working with a Designer. Here are a few reasons to hire an interior designer. We will start off with the two factors people always wish they had more of, time and money.

Designers will save you money

A designer can help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make design decisions that increase the value of your home. With your budget in mind, a designer is going to know what your best value will be, taking into consideration your wants and needs. Attention to detail, resources that are not available to the public, and a creative vision are some core elements you can count on with almost any good interior designer. Have you ever purchased an item for your home that just didn’t fit or paint a room a colour that turned out differently than expected? These are

two of the cheapest fix examples but still cost you additional funds.

Designers save you time

A designer has a process, and is trained on what needs to be done, while able to

anticipate any obstacles that may come up before they escalate.

You are going to have better resources and contacts.

Finding good resources is always challenging and seems to keep getting harder. As

designers work closely and observe workmanship of the trades, we will help you find

quality electricians, plumbers, and or contractors you can trust. Your result will be a cohesive design enjoyed for years. Your design will not only be beautiful, but functional to your space as well. We learn about each person in the home and design to the lifestyle you want to live. Designers are trained to think not only creatively but spatially as well, being able to see the overall picture

that clients often cannot.

Are you ready to discuss your renovation project or design a new home? Schedule a time with us to review your project. We have years of experience creating livable luxury, efficient homes. We begin every project with a free consultation. Call us today!

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